If you are interested in participating in this important research, we would be grateful 
for your contribution. 

IBI exists outside the academic realm; consequently, many grants are not assigned
to, or available to, groups like ours.  We strongly believe the project of the Institute
is an appropriate way to study the whole system, but without support, this 
work is not possible.

The Institute's focus is cast in multiple directions, meaning we are outside
the direct deliverable stream that typically supports specific areas of research. 

We offer two tiers of funding.

The first is a direct way to make a small contribution, through PayPal.
While we continue to set that up on this website, you may contact Torbjorn Jiredal
directly at the email below, who can arrange contributions through PayPal.

The second way to help fund our work for those who would like to become a
major donor to IBI, or who wish to help support a particular project, would be to
simply have a real conversation.

To do that, please contact Torbjorn Jiredal: